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Minggu, 28 November 2010

Top 5 Unique Vehicles of the World

To design a vehicle is not an easy task rather it is a science as well as an art. All of the disciplines like engineering, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, computer science etc are compulsory to make a perfect machine. In the past few years, however, vehicle manufacturers have put forward some unique ideas. They are ranked as “Strange-O-Meter”. In this article we have listed 5 most strange vehicles of the world. These strange vehicles are of so numerous categories that it is very difficult to categorize them in top 5 as all of them are unique in some aspect. Thus, this classification is made on the basis of three simple rules:
1.Only those who were made within almost the last decade are considered.
2.Those who actually worked properly are included.
3.The vehicle must have at least one aspect that makes it publically impractical.
By these creations, the manufacturers elaborate the general extent of imagining the possibilities especially in the field of vehicles. They give you a hope to get more efficient and adventurous rides which will give you more fun. Let’s have a look.
1: Dodge Tomahawk
The Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is included in the list as it doesn’t even have a drop of practicality in it, even with the Viper V-10 engine is of 500-horsepower that gives you a speed of almost 400 miles per hour. It was revealed in North American International Auto Show in Detroit. If the huge semi-tractor type structure with stubby handlebars is ignored by you as compared to the top speed of it then you can have your own only in $500,000. But remember that they are not street legal yet. Many of them are sold in North at the same price. See if you dare to ride.
unique and strange automobiles
2: WaterCar Python
The WaterCar, with its Chevy Carnaro-esque body is a unique wonder. The WaterCar turns its car mode into the boat mode as it lefts the launch. Titled as the “World’s Fastest Amphibious Vehicle”, it has a unique truck body of fiberglass with buoyancy of a boat. With the LS1 Corvette engine it can run up to 60 miles per hour in water and more than 125 miles per hour on land. The two-in-one wonder will cost you just $200,000 if you want to have your own.
amazing and unique cars
3: Catmobiles
If at some time in your past you had a concept that there are just batmobiles with their awful appearance then you are now going to change it. We can give you a list of number of catmobiles that are unique and amazing. The vehicles are more of a haul for the public than a transportation service but are one of their kinds. Only a few of them are allowed to go to the Burning Man as they create a catastrophic effect in general. Not to dangerous to cause an accident, these slow vehicles are not very popular but their strangeness make them a member of our list.
unique shaped cars
4: The Cupcake Car
The yummy looking cupcake car has a little history to be known. Designed by Lisa Pongrace it was originally meant to be a rolling art installation in the bohemian-themed annual event of Burning Man in Black Rock Desert. It may be an irresistible attraction for those with a sweet tooth and who want to be different but they should know that the sweetie has only a 24-volt electric-motor that propels around just 7 miles per hour at max. If that doesn’t bother you, you can have your own in just $25,000 with any exterior icing style of your choice.
strange cars of the world
5: Terrafugia Transition
The so called “roadable aircraft” has a history behind its creation. As we all know the problems being faced by those who have to travel through the airplanes. Checked luggage fee and reaching airport are two main problems. If you don’t have a conveyance of your own you are dependent on a friend or relative to drop you to airport otherwise you have to get help from public transit; an additional expense of fare and parking fee.Terrafugia is a Boston based aircraft company. They decided to solve this general problem so they designed and created the Terrafugia Transition.The Terrafugia Transition works as a dual vehicle. It collects the passengers as a street automobile and then at the time of take off the fold-down stubby pair of wings is activated. The craft has a rear mounted pusher propeller that launches it. It runs on the runways and then launches in the sky. It is a good effort to solve the general transportation problems.
unique cars

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