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Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

3 PEJANTAN TANGGUNG (2010) | Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
3 PEJANTAN TANGGUNG is the new indonesian movie who tells about Anga, Kris and Treasure are 3 friends who work as full-time hedonist. Even when the opportunity to participate in class 2 week trial again, they were busy getting drunk. They were shocked when they woke up and found to be in a cramped room in a small boat down a tropical river in the middle of the interior of Borneo!

The next incident happened so fast, they panicked, ran into a group of Dayak men, prisoners and the arrival village, burning huts Anga successful chieftain's daughter named Riana. The three of them worked to build a hut (as punishment) while thinking of a plan to escape. But three of them dreaming that cancel their intention to run away. Finally, they continue to build a hut belonging Riana.

Movie Info
Director...... : Iqbal Rais
Release....... : 30 Desember 2010
Genre......... : Drama, Comedy
Cast........... : Ringgo Agus Rahman, Deddy Mahendara Desta, Dennis Adhishwara, Siti Anizah, Joe P-Project, Piet Pagau

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  1. gan film lucu baget...
    kirimkan dhunk link y..

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