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Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

The first thing that must be done when troubleshooting mouse

Mouse is a tool to facilitate the work in the application and make the settings. compared with using the keyboard. But several factors may be a mistake that causes the cursor so that it does not damage the road, can be seen below. Possibilities of mouse data cable that is in the mainboard does not match. pemasangn data cable from this there are two types of data on the cable conector serial mouse. Solution if the mouse cable is not the original you try to change the settings of the data cable conector tersebu. this possibility you can do to help the cause at the top. Conector interruptedly mouse can cause the mouse does not display the way, if the mouse is not stable conector should still be the way but I can not last long. possible solution of the problems that you may be able to do to overcome the causes of damage memantu above, namely the wedge with a folded paper. if this is considered extremely urgent or can replace with another conector. There is a possibility also in the mouse cable to drop out, usually near the ends of the dropouts in the mouse, if it is like the way the mouse will not be at all. Solutions to the problems that may be above you can do is, measure the cable with the mouse data with AVO meter, if the cable is found to drop out then you can replace it with another cable. if there is no possibility of any other damage. Damage to the mouse driver can also cause the mouse can not work. mdriver especially when the mouse is not suitable, although other drivers can be used, but the mouse will not provide the maximum results, or not normal. solutions to the problems above, you can do is to use the drivers that competible for all types of mouse.

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