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Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Explore Opera iPhone

Opera does not get permission from the iPhone has a browser on the market application, not a barrier to the opera for Opera Mini to instill the iPhone. so far, Apple is banning other web browsers to be made in the smartphone device he was. all applications sold labeled browsers in the App store today, really only skin or plugin using safari as a browser in it.
However, unlike opera mini for the new iPhone prototype was introduced in the MWC or Moblie World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, spain. Opera Mini to work on the iPhone, because it has a "secret key" is not known. in fact, Opera Mini is not a browser, but the data processing machine with very high compression format. With the use of machines called OBML and data compression, the experience of time can surf faster. 90% compared to standard web without compression. Until now Opera Mini to the Apple-owned smartphones is not yet available in the App store. so if you want to try it please be patient. and maybe Opera Mini will go smoothly.?

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