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Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

Biology and Crop Systems; The Aucheuma Seaplant Handbook Agronomics

Buku The Eucheuma Seaplant Handbook Volume 1 ini tersedia di Perpustakaan BaKTI. Jl. Dr. Soetomo No. 26 Makassar. Contact: Sumarni (Librarian Perpustakaan BaKTI) 0411-3650320 alamat email :


The development of commerce based on eucheuma seaplant is an outstanding example of widespread farming that evolved from simple methods refined mainly by farmers in the field. This phenomenon has led to current production exceeding 150,000 dry tons/yr from at least ten tropical countries where eucheuma seaplant value chain are the main source of income to tens of thousands of people. This value chains are still building they tend to lack the transparency essential for efficiency operation. This present handbook is intended as a step toward moving beyond that state affairs.

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